Democrats win Morris Township race

Democrat Jeff Grayzel was elected to the Morris Township Committee tonight, winning a do-over of the November '06 election by a wide margin over Republican Joe Calvanelli. Grayzel won 2361 to 1867 — a 56%-44% margin — becoming the first Democrat to win in decades.

"There is no such thing as a safe election for Republicans," said Democratic State Chairman Joseph Cryan, who supported county and local Democratic efforts with staff and resources and appeared at a rally for Grayzel this afternoon. "One of the best ways to build the party is to strengthen its foundation at the local level. And we aren't afraid to challenge Republicans, even when they think they have homefield advantage

Democrats have now won three of the four local special elections this year, scoring wins in Flemington and South Toms River as well; the GOP won in Lavalette. Democrats win Morris Township race