Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Giuliani, Obama

Glenn Thrush wants the Batmobile to get him to Hillary Clinton’s last-minute press conferences.

Bruce Reed, writing on Slate, thinks Mike Bloomberg’s non-existent presidential campaign is better than Rudy Giuliani’s.

Giuliani said Bloomberg has plenty of time to decide whether to jump into the presidential race.

On that same theme, John Zogby wonders if the best presidential candidates aren’t running yet.

Chris Cillizza makes the case for Bloomberg 2008.

John Hall’s press secretary resigned.

A bill to create 10 new judgeships sailed through the state Senate Judiciary Committee today.

Silda Wall Spitzer wants to know why young New Yorkers leave the state.

There’s an ethical lobbying group in Albany.

Barack Obama’s wife quit a lucrative gig on the board of a company whose main customer is Wal-Mart.

Bring your own food and wine to the New York Times party.

And pictured above are Bloomberg and Bill Clinton at a recent summit. Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Giuliani, Obama