Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Sulzberger, Moses

Hillary Clinton has a huge lead in Nevada.

John Edwards explains why he’s never been to Iraq.

On the topic of Bloomberg for president, Arthur Sulzberger gave a pseudo-endorsement and said “we could do worse.”

Joe Bruno doesn’t want the 2007 primaries to be held on September 11th.

The Chicago Tribune held a story at the request of US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.

Fred Siegel and Michael Goodwin don’t think Michael Bloomberg is much of a reformer

The NYPD should be opening their files about their surveillance leading up to the Republican National Convention.

Since Robert Moses’ legacy is being re-examined, here is his 3.500 response to Robert Caro.

And pictured above is Mike Bloomberg in flag-waving parade mode.

Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Sulzberger, Moses