Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Sulzberger, Pirro

Hillary Clinton has a huge lead in Nevada.

John Edwards explains why he’s never been to Iraq.

On the topic of Bloomberg for president, Arthur Sulzberger gave a quasi-endorsement and said “we could do worse.”

Joe Bruno doesn’t want the 2007 primaries to be held on September 11th.

Jeannine Pirro’s television show may start taping soon.

Fred Siegel and Michael Goodwin don’t think Michael Bloomberg is much of a reformer.

The NYPD may be pushed into opening its files about their surveillance leading up to the Republican National Convention.

Here is Robert Moses' 3,500 response to Robert Caro.

The Chicago Tribune held a story at the request of US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.

Rich Baum dreams of a kinder Eliot Spitzer, courtesy of Jimmy Siegel [added].

And pictured above is Mike Bloomberg in flag-waving parade mode.

Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Sulzberger, Pirro