Elsewhere: Clinton, Quinn, Mondello

A Hillary Clinton aide says they should skip Iowa.

John McCain lost his South Carolina political director.

Mike Bloomberg will go to California for a summit on politics and communication [added].

The city will pay $2 million to the family of an unarmed teenager shot and killed by police earlier.

More insurance companies are paying Larry Silverstein for damage done to the World Trade Center.

Joe Mondello made an interesting hire.

Richard Lipsky, a lobbyist working against congestion pricing, says the real issue is neighborhood shopping.

The state education commissioner has cancer.

The Drum Major Insittute’s annual benefit is June 21.

Liverpool dominates the early proceedings but loses to Milan in the Champions League final.

And pictured above is Christine Quinn at a housing rally at Stuyvesant Town this afternoon where a new housing coalition was unveiled.

Elsewhere: Clinton, Quinn, Mondello