For the Clintons, an Editor and a Friend

It wasn’t until after Hillary Clinton’s most recent visit to Nevada this Sunday that I noticed this, but as one of her donors based there told me, she was the beneficiary of a fund-raiser hosted for her at the local Four Seasons a month ago by two supporters named Brian and Myra Greenspun.

Brian Greenspun is the editor of the Las Vegas Sun, one of the city's two daily newspapers.

The paper disclosed its editor's political activity in an April 17 blog post that said that the Greenspun family, "which publishes the Las Vegas Sun, donated a combined $31,400 this year to the presidential campaign of Sen. Hillary Clinton." (Greenspun’s official title is “President and Editor.”)

Senators Barack Obama and Chris Dodd also received donations from the family, but, according to the paper, "Sun Editor Brian Greenspun is a close friend of President Bill Clinton, the senator's husband."

Given the fact that Nevada is going to hold one of the country's earliest and potentially most influential primary contests, that seems like a pretty useful friendship for the Clintons to have.

For the Clintons, an Editor and a Friend