George and Hilly

GEORGE: So they took me to this room, and I thought I was going to pass out. They were doing something with the carpets—I don’t know, it was disgusting. Got another room, $150, but after an hour I got completely clogged—my mouth was just open and I wasn’t able to breathe involuntarily. Also they didn’t have Fox News. They had every single cable channel—CNBC, CNN, Bravo, A&E, MSNBC, Comedy Central, all of them—but no Fox News.

DR. SELMAN: Do they have any hotels on Roosevelt Island?

HILLY: I’m telling you, this place I looked at is like a hotel, like a resort. You should see all of the amenities—six walk-in closets!

GEORGE: Main thing is to get out of Manhattan. You really need $25 million minimum or you’re a chump. So last night I checked out of the Comfort Inn and went over to the Milburn. So … I still got the shingles. Right now, I don’t know what the hell is going on. I’m not feeling that much pain, but there’s this numbness and weird, irritating tingling—if I think about it some more, I can make it more painful.

HILLY: I hear him saying “ah-ow!” all the time. I’m trying to be stern—because you have to help yourself in order to get better.

DR. SELMAN: Why don’t I give you some Lyrica? I could also give you something to sleep. I mean, if you take it.

GEORGE: I was going to ask you for Ambien.

HILLY: My parents are coming into town tomorrow; we’re going to Newport for the weekend, and I’m going to stay with them in their hotel. And I was thinking, George is staying in a hotel every night anyway—why don’t I get a hotel room in Newport for the two of us, we can go together? Stay right by the ocean. Maybe that would be therapeutic.

GEORGE: I’m trying to conserve energy. Basically, anything social, or involving travel or being around people, is not what I need right now. Do you think, based on what I’ve told you, is it O.K. to introduce Effexor into my system?

DR. SELMAN: Why Effexor, though?

GEORGE: What do you mean? I thought that’s the one you’ve always wanted me to take.

DR. SELMAN: I hate to start people out on three drugs at the same time.

GEORGE: Especially because there was another report out today about anti-depressants being dangerous. I don’t think taking any drug like that right now is going to help me sleep.

DR. SELMAN: I could give you something that would knock you out.

GEORGE: Better than Ambien?

DR. SELMAN: Yes. Seroquel.

GEORGE: O.K., it will knock me out, but—

DR. SELMAN: What are you afraid of, that you will stop breathing?

GEORGE: I do have mild sleep apnea.

DR. SELMAN: You’ll breathe through your mouth. You’ll snore. And how much have you been drinking, by the way?

HILLY: But isn’t it true that it’s human nature that you wake yourself up if you can’t breathe?

George and Hilly