George and Hilly

DR. SELMAN: You have receptors in your neck that will cause you to breathe, if you stop breathing for some reason. Like an escape mechanism. You can’t not breathe.

HILLY: You’re gonna be fine.

DR. SELMAN: Drinking causes or makes worse sleep apnea.

GEORGE: I’ve been taking one Vicodin and one Ambien a night. As for anti-depressants, Dr. Lamm doesn’t think I should take an Effexor, and he says, “If you do take it, you have to be really careful when you get off it, because it will make you want to jump off a bridge.”

HILLY: But why don’t we just focus on the other stuff right now, right?

DR. SELMAN: It seems like the most pressing thing is the sleeping and the pain.

GEORGE: Will this sleep drug you’re talking about be like Demerol?

HILLY: Don’t you think it’s important that he establishes a normal sleep clock?

DR. SELMAN: It’s called sleep hygiene.

HILLY: As opposed to going to sleep at 3 or 4 in the morning?

DR. SELMAN: I agree. She’s absolutely right.

GEORGE: What’s this sleep drug called again?

DR. SELMAN: Seroquel. It’s not specifically a sleep drug. It’s a mood stabilizer, but it’s very sedating.

GEORGE: Is it nicely sedating?

DR. SELMAN: Why don’t you try it? I may want to propose that you stay on the Valtrex longer.

GEORGE [indicating left side of face]: Do you see it here?

DR. SELMAN: It does look slightly—

GEORGE: It’s a lot better. It was so grotesque. It’s scary when you get it on your head. Chance you’ll get hearing damage. Encephalitis. What was the third one?

HILLY: So Lyrica, Valtrex and—

DR. SELMAN: Seroquel. You can take Ambien, too, and the Vicodin.

GEORGE: Vicodin’s nice. It doesn’t make me feel high, but it distracts me from the pain.

HILLY: This also broaches the subject—when he was taking all this medication for shingles, it was really making his acid reflux act up. He would take six Aciphexes in one day. But if you start taking all this medication again—because when he stopped taking it, that’s when the acid reflux stopped.

GEORGE: Right now, the pain is O.K. Wait—I just felt something in my ear.

DR. SELMAN: So are you going to put both of your names on the lease?

GEORGE: I think my mom will end up co-signing.

HILLY: I just think it seems like such a great place. You’ll love this: This apartment building—that I actually really like— it used to be an insane asylum ….

DR. SELMAN: How ironic.

HILLY: But the place where the insane people actually stayed burned down years ago.

GEORGE: Have you seen the movie Nighthawks with Sylvester Stallone, and Rutger Hauer has the hostages on the tram? So great.

DR. SELMAN: I try to avoid watching Sylvester Stallone movies.

GEORGE: Came out in 1981. It’s pretty great.

HILLY: The windows are floor-to-ceiling!

GEORGE: No crime, apparently, on Roosevelt Island.

HILLY: No crime. And there’s also a billiards room, and in the library there weren’t any people.

DR. SELMAN: You’ll have an unobstructed view of the fireworks.

George and Hilly