George and Hilly

HILLY: And, George, if you wanted to get away from me, you don’t have to leave the building—you could just go to the club room and read, or talk to your funny friends or something on y
our phone. Then take a dip in the heated pool.

DR. SELMAN: Sounds too good to be true.

HILLY: Isn’t it great?! And then the tennis courts, and they have a pro there. So I had this vision, especially during this time of year: I could come home from work, and if you were there every day, we could go out and play tennis together. Wouldn’t that be fun? And you could teach me how to serve. And we’d go back home and I’d cook dinner, and there’s a garbage disposal and a dishwasher. Six closets! And you’ll have your own bathtub, Scoopie! You don’t have to see anybody. And they have maids, so if you want to have someone come clean, you just call them and they clean the whole apartment, and you pay them like 50 bucks. So let’s go!

GEORGE: I already told our landlord we’re moving out because of the trampoline people.

HILLY: But also I think it’s nice because it’s almost like—not a commitment, but when you go home, you’re at home.

GEORGE: What’s the air like?

HILLY: Oh, it’s amazing! When the real-estate agent opened the windows, so much clean sea air moved in. And everything is brand-new in there.

GEORGE: O.K., I’ll check it out.

HILLY: It’ll be a whole new life. We’ll be adults.

GEORGE: I’m completely into it. Except you’re talking a little loudly.

HILLY: And I even asked the woman—she’s really nice—and she said nobody ever uses the facilities at all. George will have the pool to himself the entire summer, except on Saturdays.

GEORGE: Why don’t we give the conversational ball back to Dr. Selman?

DR. SELMAN: Well, let me give you all the medications we discussed. [To GEORGE] I think you that you should come in a little more often, especially if you’re going to be on these medications, so I can monitor you.

GEORGE: It’s really funny, because two months ago, everything was going so great, career-wise—it was like I was back.

DR. SELMAN: I have another suggestion. Why don’t you come in off the record? Just you. Because it sounds like there’s something there, and nobody has to know about it.

GEORGE: I have a bit of a stress problem. One of my best friends is getting married in July in Jamaica, and I haven’t made my reservation. I’d be there for four days.

DR. SELMAN: Four days of towel-snapping.

GEORGE: There will be women there, too. Four days of hard-core partying.

DR. SELMAN: Weren’t your friends abusive to you in high school?

GEORGE: The seniors—but these are my friends; we were all in it together. Everyone got abused.

DR. SELMAN: Why would you subject yourself to that?

George and Hilly