Giuliani's Favorite Days

Yesterday, amid all the attention about Rudy Giuliani's donations to Planned Parenthood, a column on the Christian Broadcasting Network points out that as mayor, Giuliani proclaimed June 14, 1997 Evangelical Christian Children's Parade Day in New York City. The point, according to the writer, is that

"sometimes we think we know everything but we don’t. There’s a much broader canvass out there."

There may well be, but I'm not sure how much it would help Giuliani's campaign to win over conservatives if the media started treating his mayoral proclamations as a definitive guide to his political philosophy.

Almost a year to the day before he declared Evangelical Christian Children's Parade Day, for example, Giuliani made June 17, 1996 "Planned Parenthood Day." (The ceremonial proclamation, according to a report in Newsday, was collected by Alexander Sanger, who was at the time president of Planned Parenthood of New York City.)

Giuliani also declared a number Lesbian and Gay Pride months, and honored the Coalition of Lesbian and Gay City Employees with "Out in Government Day" in 2000.

And so on.

Giuliani's Favorite Days