Gore Supporters Reunite, Nothing Happens

While many of the guests last night at the 20th anniversary reunion dinner for supporters of Al Gore's first presidential campaign wore campaign-style buttons that said "Al Gore reunion 2007," there was little serious talk about Gore entering the 2008 presidential race, according to one attendee.

"People do not perceive him as sending mixed signals," said the guest. "People have a very deep loyalty to him, but they have gotten involved in other campaigns."

That didn't keep the 45 or so veterans of many a presidential campaign from discussing the declared Democratic candidates.

"You can't put together a bunch of jockeys in a room and not talk about horseracing," the guest said.

Attendees at the buffet-style dinner at the Washington house of Gore confidant Peter Knight included Gore's current chief-of-staff Roy Neal, and nationally recognized fund-raisers Mary Pat Bonner, Charles Bone, Carol Pensky, Robert Zimmerman, Orin Kramer and Allan Kessler.

Gore Supporters Reunite, Nothing Happens