How You Voting, Shelly?

In the Assembly, what comes first? Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver support of a bill, or the members support for a bill?

It's been argued, pretty effectively, that nothing moves in the Assembly without Speaker Silver's support. But on the same-sex marriage bill, that equation may change, according to Danny O'Donnell, the bill's newly minted prime sponor.

O'Donnell told me:

"I imagine, if it were to come to the floor, yes, he would be voting for it. Because if it comes to the floor, it means there are sufficient votes in the body to make it happen. But he’s never said that to me and I’ve never asked him, ‘how you voting, shelly?’ but I’ve never seen the red button from shelly when the rest of us are pushing green. So I’ve never seen him vote against the conference. How You Voting, Shelly?