Coram Boy May Shutter May 27th

Variety is reporting this morning that the $6 million Broadway production of Coram Boy, which garnered six Tony nominations but has had mixed reviews and underwhelming audiences, will shut down May 27th if receipts don't pick up.

Our own John Heilpern had this to say about the Dickensian world of Coram Boy, and the theater scene that produced it:

Nowadays, you feel fortunate if a Broadway play has four actors, one set and a dog. With its cast of 40 and its 20-strong choir singing George Frideric Handel, of all people, there’s never been anything like Coram Boy.

It’s the kind of massive undertaking that only a major subsidized theater like the National could even contemplate.

And which, apparently, Broadway cannot.

Coram Boy May Shutter May 27th