Jackass at Half-Mast: Steve-O Goes to Oslo, Acting Slightly Blotto

On Monday, May 14, the business-class section of Continental Flight 38 from Newark to Oslo was treated to some free on-the-tarmac entertainment courtesy of Jackass star Stephen (Steve-O) Glover, according to an amused fellow passenger.

“He got on the plane and yelled across the business section, ‘Hey, dude—man, I totally exposed myself on the plane coming over,’” the source said. Mr. Glover went on to explain at full volume to an assistant across the aisle that, while on a flight from Newark from Los Angeles, he had dozed off in such a position that his manhood was clearly visible. “He said a stewardess had woke him and told him to cover up.”

Then, the source recalled, “he said: ‘[Johnny] Knoxville texted me and accused me of getting mellow.’ Obviously, he wasn’t trying to hide his identity.”

The passenger seated next to Mr. Glover subsequently requested that his seat be changed, said the source. “He was like, ‘Dude, that guy didn’t want to sit next to me’—this in a pitch-perfect stoner voice—‘I should kick his fuckin’ head in, man.’” Eventually, the pilot came over and asked Mr. Glover if he was on drugs. “He was like, ‘No, dude …. ’ His eyes were like pinheads. He made Judy Garland look put together.”

The excuse apparently worked, though: The plane took off.

Soon enough, said the source, an assistant handed Mr. Glover a vial of pills. “He was like, ‘Dude, I hope you got some uppers for when we land. These things are going to totally knock me out.”

To the relief of the business section, Mr. Glover slept soundly for the remainder of the flight.

MTV had no comment. A call to a Continental spokesperson was unreturned.

Jackass at Half-Mast: Steve-O Goes to Oslo, Acting Slightly Blotto