John McCain Has Proved He Will Fight Runaway Spending


For fiscal conservatives disheartened by the inexorable growth of wasteful spending under both Democrats and Republicans, it is essential that we choose as our next president someone with the courage to confront Big Government and stop it in its tracks.

John McCain stands out among all the presidential contenders as having relentlessly and persistently fought against pork-barrel spending throughout his entire career.

There is good reason that only a few brave politicians match the rhetoric of fiscal responsibility with commensurate action. Behind every government spending program is a well-organized and politically influential group of beneficiaries, frequently backed by skilled lobbyists, persuasive advertising and well-funded Political Action Committees (PACs).

The average taxpayer, who gets stuck with the bill, has none of these political resources. To say no to the special interests, and to rebuke the most powerful of your own Congressional colleagues when they sponsor wasteful spending, is not easy. That is why John McCain has often stood virtually alone on behalf of the taxpayer and against the special interests.

Recognizing the remarkable job creation and economic growth spawned by the Bush tax cuts, Senator McCain has vowed to make them permanent. He has consistently voted against tax increases in Congress. His credentials as spending hawk will greatly enhance his effectiveness as an advocate for low taxes.

McCain, who earned a 91% rating from Citizens Against Government Waste, has attacked pork-barrel spending head-on by standing guard in the Senate to expose and challenge special-interest earmarks. He introduced The Pork-Barrel Reduction Act, which would increase fiscal transparency and restraint. He has fought for the Legislative Line Item Veto Act to provide the president with an important tool to eliminate wasteful spending. In 2006, he was labeled an “Anti-Pork Hero” by Pork Busters, a coalition of fiscal watchdog groups.

That is why you can believe Senator McCain’s when he pledges: “The first pork-barrel bill that comes across my desk as president, I will veto it and make the author of that bill famous.”

Continuing to fight wasteful spending year in and year out is not just a sign of philosophical consistency. It is also a manifestation of strong character.

We need a president with that kind of character, not just to set the tone for fiscal policy, but to lead our nation as we confront all the perils and challenges of the 21st Century.

Because Congress has shown itself unable to resist the pressures for higher spending, leadership on this issue must come from the Oval Office. Now more than ever, Americans need John McCain’s common sense conservative leadership in the fight against pork.

With John McCain as our standard-bearer and president, the Republican Party will be able to reclaim its mantle as the party of limited government.

Dick Zimmer, a former member of Congress from New Jersey, was three times named the most fiscally conservative member of the House by the National Taxpayers Union. He was designated a Taxpayer Hero by Citizens Against Government Waste every year that he served. John McCain Has Proved He Will Fight Runaway Spending