Michael Shvo vs. the World

What were the new projects in Manhattan?

We’re doing the W Hotel for Joe Moinian [at 123 Washington Street in lower Manhattan]. We’re doing a really, really exciting building in midtown, on Lexington—a phenomenal, very unique building over there.

Anything in the outer boroughs?

We’re doing over 3,000 units in Long Island City in the next five to six years. I’m doing one project in Williamsburg, but it will …. Can’t talk about it yet, but it will blow your mind away.

What’s the cross street of the Lexington Avenue project?

Can’t say. Just midtown. Trust me …. And there’s a third one I really can’t speak about now.

We’re also launching, in the last part of this year, a project in D.C. We’re launching a project in Mexico. We’re launching a project in Houston during the start of next year …. We’re literally the only company in the world that does what we do. And that’s not something I’m saying—that’s something that our clients, and developers that come to us, have told us.

Michael Shvo vs. the World