More on the East Side Assembly Finance Reports

Susan Del Percio, a spokesperson for Republican Assembly candidate Greg Camp called to say that the campaign has, in fact, spent more than the $18.09 listed on their filing.

"Expenditures were approved but we were not billed yet," Del Percio said of the campaign. Camp's pre-election filing was complete enough to show where their contributions were coming from. The filing after the election on June 5 for the seat on Manhattan’s East Side should answer questions about how much Camp's literature and consultants are costing him.

But in the meantime, the campaign of Camp's Democratic opponent Micah Kellner is making the most of the delay.

"Clearly, after years of working for George Pataki and witnessing campaign finance shenanigans fist hand, it seems like Greg Camp hasn’t learned that New Yorkers are crying out for campaign finance reform.”said Kellner campaign strategist Evan Stavisky.

Which is one way to look at it.

More on the East Side Assembly Finance Reports