Naked Happy Girl

“On the way home to New York, I got robbed,” she said. “All that stuff I had just paid for, got robbed. I was like, Wow, I’m not sure I really liked that experience! And then I realized: No, it was the best thing that could have ever happened. I pretty much got into nude modeling because obviously I didn’t have all these nice new clothes I just bought.”

Her first “modeling” job, was on The Howard Stern Show. “It was called ‘Shaved or Unshaved.’ Some other chick canceled last minute. I was the girl who was unshaved, which I built a serious fan base from.”

(“Some photographers will pay a couple hundred more if you have a hairy pussy, because nowadays, most of the girls are shaved,” she explained. “And that saves me money on the waxing bill.”)

Ms. Verte allowed that she was sexually curious long before her clothes got stolen. As a girl, she discovered a collection of Playboys in the attic.

“It moved from Playboy to Penthouse,” she explained. “And in Penthouse, I seen girls inserting icicles and being spanked, and I’m like, Wow.”

Of her early exposure to sex, she said: “I don’t regret that at all. At least I’m not one of those stupid girls who’s like, ‘How did I get pregnant? Was it Jesus?’”

Within months of moving to New York, she came to understand the monetary value of such things as letting two much older women spank you (that was at a club called Paddles).

She said fetish clubs in the city are hard to find these days, which only helps the traffic on Web sites like hers, where paying fans may download video of Ms. Verte being tickled, or urinating outdoors, or brushing her teeth and just sleeping. There’s one clip entitled “Sativa creates and chews on a ham sandwich,” which is described as containing “Lots of talking! Watch as I create one of my favorite lunch sandwiches and talk about life and bullshit about stuff while I eat.”

The day before her dinner with The Observer, she’d shot some content for her Web site. “Shower fetish, makeup application fetish. People are into watching girls go to the bathroom, so I did that.” She said she doesn’t allow her face to be in the bathroom clips, because she finds it embarrassing. “The bathroom stuff actually makes me the most money, so I can’t really complain.”

She’s also logged some footage to accommodate bondage fetishists. “It’s not something I’d show my parents!” she said. (Dad’s a musician, Mom’s a homemaker. They don’t approve of her career choice, Ms. Verte said. “But you can’t please everyone.”)

Aside from the few explicit scenes she’s filmed with members of the opposite sex—in each case the guy was her boyfriend, she insists—Ms. Verte said she doesn’t have many regrets. She said she’s very happy with her life, but has applied to acting schools for the fall. “My parents would help me with it, so why not try it?” she said. “But personally, I just want to go back to school for pharmacy and only take modeling jobs for really super-professional people.”

For all her libidinous endeavors, Ms. Verte, who is currently single, has only had two boyfriends. “I know this sounds weird, being 23 and having as much experience on the road as I do,” she said, “but I’ve seriously only had two partners.”

Wherever her career path may lead, she’s adamant about staying in the city she fell in love with a decade ago. “I just love New York,” she said. “It’s the only place I come back to and I still cry.”

Naked Happy Girl