On Dense Terrain

To the Editor:

What a fabulous, well-articulated review by Robert Gottlieb about the clashing critical responses to Doug Varone’s Dense Terrain at B.A.M. [“Doug Varone Divides Opinion; Bayadère Challenges A.B.T.,” May 28]! Thanks so much for reminding us that critics look for and respond to different things in art.

I was at B.A.M. on May 18 when Mr. Varone participated in a talk-back, and I can only imagine how angry and frustrated he must have felt about Alastair Macaulay’s fiercely negative review in The New York Times (which ran on the same day). This is a tough profession that Mr. Varone is in!

I think Mr. Varone is an amazing choreographer, and I was fascinated by Dense Terrain. I come to dance through music, as I’ve worked mainly in the classical-music business. So Mr. Varone’s special affinity and sensitivity to music, as well as his involvement in the opera world, draw me to him.

Wende Persons

On Dense Terrain