O’Toole: Caliguire should reimburse taxpayers for legal costs

Todd Caliguire is wasting taxpayer money by contesting his ballot position in court and should pay the costs, according to the campaign of his GOP primary rival.

Matt Kazmierczak, the campaign manager for Kevin O'Toole in the 40th district State Senate race, said that by going to court to challenge his ballot third position, Caliguire had cost taxpayers “tens of thousands of dollars."

Yesterday an appellate judge ruled that there would be no redrawing for ballot positions, leaving Caliguire and his slate in the third line. Caliguire will get to bracket with his slate, however, which he said yesterday was the more important issue.

The press release from the O'Toole campign went on to highlight Caliguire’s previous two losses in his 2005 run for Governor and 2006 campaign for County Executive. Kazmierczak said that Caliguire took $500,000 from from the state in matching funds, even though “everyone knew that Todd was not a serious candidate for governor.”

“Caliguire is wasting court time and using taxpayer money trying to further his own faltering political ambitions and to cover his team’s incompetence,” said Kazmierczak. “Todd has made a habit of misusing taxpayer money and it is time he was held accountable for his actions.”

O’Toole: Caliguire should reimburse taxpayers for legal  costs