Poll: Governor Bloomberg Beats President Bloomberg

Here's a statistic that'll be meat and drink to the New York Post, if not to the mayor and his aides:

More NYC voters said they would back Mike Bloomberg for governor than for president, according to a poll released today by the Quinnipiac Polling Institute.

13 percent of people surveyed said they would definitely vote for Bloomberg if he ran for president. 24 said they probably would vote for him.

That’s compared to 27 percent of people who said they’d definitely support Bloomberg for governor, and another 33 percent who said they probably would support him in that race.

Unrelatedly, here are some approval ratings for other city officials, from the poll:

47 – 13 percent for Speaker Quinn
46 – 12 percent for Comptroller Thompson
58 – 27 percent for Police Commissioner Kelly
37 – 39 percent for Schools Chancellor Joel Klein

Poll: Governor Bloomberg Beats President Bloomberg