Saks PR Goes Postal: New Shoe Floor Gets Own Zip Code

Saks announced this week that its flagship Fifth Avenue location is vastly expanding its shoe department to encompass the entire eighth floor. 

Sorry, evening wear: you've just been trampled by an onslaught of designer pumps!

The extended footwear selection, set to debut in August, will be sooo huge that it will have its own zip code, 10022-SHOE — "the first floor to be granted its own designated zip code by the United States Post Office," according to a press release; yet a Saks spokesperson admitted that it might not be the biggest shoe floor in the city.

Still, sweet marketing gimmick. How'd Saks hook that up? Can just anyone apply for his own four-digit vanity code? Sign me up for 10010-SHOT.

"Actually, every address across the country has the unique four digit, and that's the way the mail is sorted," noted U.S. Postal Service spokesman Tom Gaynor.

Saks’ personalization is unique, however. "It's basically a pilot program," Mr. Gaynor said. "Our sales team has been meeting with Saks and they came up with this idea… It's just a new way that the Postal Service is trying to be creative with their mailers to try and increase brand recognition for their brand."

Some sales team. Saks isn't paying a dime for the vanity digits, Mr. Gaynor conceded. Somewhere, the DMV vanity-plate makers are rolling their collective eyes.

How can you hook up your own free personalized zip?

"You gotta get big enough that one of our national sales representatives will meet with you," said Mr. Gaynor. "Right now, they're working with large businesses. When you start getting on that level, they'll work something out with you. But, who knows, down the road, what the future may bring?"

Saks PR Goes Postal: New Shoe Floor Gets Own Zip Code