Sex offender working for Cunningham

The Jersey Journal is reporting that a convicted sex offender is working on Sandra Bolden Cunningham's State Senate campaign. Russell Wallace, convicted of assaulting a 13-year-old girl, is a volunteer. Cunningham's spokesman says he knew there was a registered sex offender on their team and defended the campaign's actions.

From The Journal:

Wallace, a registered sex offender, entered into Jersey City's Second Chance Program, which was created by Bolden Cunningham's late husband, Mayor Glenn D. Cunningham. Bolden Cunningham remains a vocal supporter of the program, and Wallace wanted to show his gratitude by joining the campaign, according to Roger Jones, a spokesman for Bolden Cunningham.

"The goal is to provide work for people who made mistakes when they were young," said Jones.

When told that Wallace was 37 when the assault took place, Jones replied, "Well, he still has long life ahead of him."

Sex offender working for Cunningham