Shott On Location: Restaurant Inspectors Raid … A Cell-Phone Store?

"FAR EAST WIRELESS" isn’t a very appetizing name for an eatery.

So this reporter was quite curious when he recently stumbled across that handle while scanning through a list of local restaurants.

Sure, scrapping Zagat’s for a more unconventional dining guide like, say, the city’s Health Department restaurant inspections Web site is a risky proposition – especially when you seek out the places with the highest violation scores.

Immediately following such a horrendous inspection, however, is arguably the best time to check out one of these places. After all, in order to reopen, managers generally must make significant upgrades.

Judging by the storefront at “FAR EAST,” located at 28 Bowery, recent recipient of the highest violation score in all Manhattan – a whopping 132 points -- it seemed operators had altered the entire premises.

The Chinatown address consisted of a pharmacy, a coin shop, a package-shipping outlet, and a cell-phone store—but, oddly, no restaurant.

Your observer immediately assumed the Health Department had made some mistake on its database and perhaps was actually referring to Great N.Y. Noodletown, located next-door, at 28 ½ Bowery.

Not so, according to agency spokesman Andrew Tucker, who emailed on Friday to clarify: “There was a concessionaire on site at that location who was making some type of pastries (i.e., a booth in the store where he made these items, with no sink, no water etc.)”

“He is not in operation,” Mr. Tucker added.

Shott On Location: Restaurant Inspectors Raid … A Cell-Phone Store?