The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

The Second Avenue Subway's coming to take my building, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. [NY Times]

What New Yorkers 'forget' to pack when they move. [NY Times]

Why do avenue names change north of 59th Street on the West Side? Well… [NY Times]

'Secluded' Windsor Terrace emerging from Park Slope's shadow. [NY Times]

Average Manhattan apartment prices 'appear' to be exceeding those of the spring of 2006. [NY Times]

Can religious symbols be publicly displayed from New York apartments? [NY Times]

I own a bicycle space in my Manhattan co-op through the end of the year. If I move, what happens to the space? [NY Times]

Staten Island site once slated for NASCAR stadium going on the market. [NY Post]

Nationally, 'housing prices still have a ways to fall.' [NY Post]

Larry Silverstein talks about World Trade Center site rebuilding. [WSJ]

Gisele Bundchen now living in New York City. Take that, L.A.! [Orlando Sentinel]

Weiner has his own anti-congestion plan–go after trucks, not cars. [NY1]

  The (Big) Round-Up: Monday