The Carson Roll Call

For the record, here’s the exact breakdown of who voted for, against, abstained or was absent for a proposal yesterday to reinsert the name of black activist Sonny Carson into an omnibus street renaming bill.

Affirmative: 15
Negative: 25
Abstentions: 7
Absent 4:

Notably, John Liu, the only Asian-American in the Council, voted to honor Carson, as did Tony Avella. Bill De Blasio, who worked on the David Dinkins mayoral campaign around the time Carson was registering voters to help elect Dinkins, voted no.

Here’s the complete list:

Addabbo: Negative
Arroyo: Affirmative
Avella: Affirmative
Baez: Abstain
Barron: Affirmative
Brewer: Negative
Comrie: Abstain
DeBlasio: Negative
Dickens: Abstain
Dilan: Affirmative
Eugene: Abstain
Felder: Negative
Fildler: Negative
Foster: Affirmative
Gallagher: Negative
Garodnick: Negative
Gennaro: Negative
Gentile: Negative
Gerson: Excused
Gioia: Negative
Gonzalez: Negative
Ignizio: Negative
Jackson: Affirmative
James: Abstain
Katz: Negative
Koppell: Negative
Lappin: Negative
Liu: Affirmative
Mark-Viverito: Affirmative
Martinez: Abstain
McMahon: Negative
Mealy: Affirmative
Mendez: Affirmative
Monserrate: Affirmative
Nelson: Negative
Palma: Excused
Recchia: Negative
Reyna: Affirmative
Sanders: Affirmative
Seabrook: Excused
Sears: Negative
Stewart: Abstain
Vacca: Negative
Vallone: Negative
Vann: Affirmative
Weprin: Negative
White: Excused
Yassky: Negative
Oddo: Negative
Rivera: Affirmative
Quinn: Negative

The Carson Roll Call