The Morning Read: Friday, May 11, 2007

Chuck Schumer said there probably won’t be room for a Mike Bloomberg presidential candidacy.

The priest at the church where Rudy Giuliani had his second wedding said he’d deny him communion.

Al Sharpton apologized for insulting Mitt Romney and Mormons.

Andrew Cuomo may be eyeing a gubernatorial race against Eliot Spitzer.

The state may block Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to give the city more say in the funding of transportation projects.

An Assemblyman said his lawsuit against legislative leaders was dismissed because the state’s chief judge didn’t want to upset lawmakers who may give judges a pay raise.

Under a new contract, rookie firefighters will get paid a lot more than rookie cops.

Drinking water in Southeastern Queens has been contaminated before.

A coal-fired plant that failed to reduce its emissions was closed.

Former NY Post scribe Stephanie Gaskell has this dispatch from Iraq.

And Barack Obama’s wife gets profiled.

The Morning Read: Friday, May 11, 2007