The Morning Read: Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bill Clinton’s FBI director is endorsing Rudy Giuliani for president.

The new biographies about Hillary Clinton raise questions about Ken Starr.

Blood and lymphatic cancer could develop in people who responded to the terrorist attacks of September 11.

Students in grades three through eight will now be tested five times a year in reading and math.

Eliot Spitzer won’t be appearing in the new round of tourism commercials for the state.

Ray Kelly is reaching out to the city’s immigrant communities.

Albany may roll back restrictions on scalping tickets.

The City Council passed a bill making it easier for the city to force slum lords to fix building violations, or to confiscate the buildings if the don’t.

The Sonny Carson street-renaming effort failed.

Which could impact Christine Quinn’s citywide political ambitions.

Oliver Koppell said during that vote that they’re not deciding whether to honor the entire Civil Rights movement, but rather, a single person.

A Pakistani newspaper in Queens is being harassed.

The Daily News editorial board thinks Carson deserves no honor.

In an op-ed in the Times, Sam Brownback said he believes in parts of evolution that suggest man was created by a unique and divine force.

And the Conservative Party chairman in Monroe County was arrested. The Morning Read: Thursday, May 31, 2007