The Morning Read: Wednesday, May 23, 2007

There’s no troop deadline in the war spending bill in congress.

Rudy Giuliani is focusing on the big states, not Iowa or New Hampshire.

Giuliani is a “critical figure in the conservative movement,” says Michael Gerson in a Washington Post piece.

The number of eighth graders in New York reading at or above grade level “climbed impressively” this year.

George Pataki’s Prayer Fund failed to file two necessary finance statements with the state.

Five community board members in Brooklyn who opposed the Atlantic Yards project were not reappointed when their terms expired.

Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn announced plans to streamline the food stamp process.

A labor chief who once dated Jon Corzine contacted him when labor talks stalled.

Grace Rauh thinks Republican have a chance of winning the Assembly seat on Manhattan’s East Side.

Juan Gonzalez thinks Joel Klein smeared immigrant students.

And a former top aide to Karl Rove wants immunity before testifying about Jack Abramoff [subscription].

The Morning Read: Wednesday, May 23, 2007