The Morning Read: Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hillary Clinton got the endorsement of Antonio Villaraigosa, the mayor of Los Angeles who was considered “a huge political prize” by several presidential candidates.

In New Hampshire, Clinton discussed her economic plan for the country.

Obama rolled out his big health care plan.

Eliot Spitzer is trying to streamline the regulation of Wall Street.

Spitzer said that congestion pricing is “a theoretically wise move.”

Rudy Giuliani raised about $500,000 from birthday fund-raisers in the city yesterday.

Giuliani said he didn’t resent the protesters who followed him.

The immigration bill in Congress could reshape New York City.

New York spends $8,701 per elementary and secondary school student, more than any other state.

The city may lower the cap on contributions allowed by people who do business with the city.

The City Housing Authority is looking to lay off staff and sell some property in order to close a $225 million budget gap.

State lawmakers agreed to a bill that protects loft tenants from eviction and authorizes the Quick Draw lottery game.

Fifty-one percent of New Yorkers between the ages of 35 and 54 favor legalizing gay marriage.

2009 candidates are getting busy.

Rent that the city’s Water Board pays for NYC-owned property should be used to curb the expected water rate hike, wrote Bill Thompson in an opinion piece.

The head of the Cato Institute warns of “the rigid reign of Rudy.”

Mike Lupica doesn’t think Giuliani is a anti-terrorism expert.

And Robert J. Samuelson makes the case for higher gas prices.

The Morning Read: Wednesday, May 30, 2007