The Morning Read: Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Eliot Spitzer will endorse Hillary Clinton for president, despite her lack of support for his budget initiatives.

California’s early presidential primary is changing the strategy, and language, of presidential campaigns, says Adam Nagourney.

Clinton’s poll numbers are pretty good.

John Edwards said his work with the Fortress Investment Group hedge fund was, basically, a learning experience.

Four of the six charges Eliot Spitzer brought against Dick Grasso were thrown out.

Mike Bloomberg said US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was “criminalizing good police work.”

Fred Dicker has another Bloomberg for Governor story.

Peter Vallone Sr. writes a column supporting congestion pricing.

Rev. Al Sharpton said the other presidential candidates “that really believe in God will defeat” Mitt Romney.

Assemblyman Felix Ortiz wants strippers to get special work permits.

Mike Lupica thinks Bernie Kerik is a bigger problem for Rudy Giuliani than abortion is.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board thinks Spitzer got rolled in the Grasso case [subscription]

And Hamas has its own version of Mickey Mouse.

The Morning Read: Wednesday, May 9, 2007