The Round-Up: Thursday

'Young, well-educated newcomers to the city' finding ever more radical rent solutions. [NY Times]

Number of reverse commuters on the L.I.R.R. spikes since the late 1990's. [NY Times]

Deal reached on Staten Island marine terminal. [NY Times]

Toll Brothers warns of lower quarterly revenue, losses. [NY Times]

Real estate and the needs of the city's nonprofits. [NY Sun]

Preservation groups want $1 M. more for the budget of Landmarks Preservation Commission. [NY Sun]

Affordable housing a major sticking point in fresh plans for the West Side rail yards. [NY Sun]

New Ariel Condos spurring Upper West Side zoning changes. [NY Sun]

Cooper Union breaks ground on city's first 'green' laboratory building. [NY Sun] 

Dakota two-bedroom sells for $16.5 M. [bottom item] [NY Post]

Bloomberg's interior decorator gets a home of his own to decorate. [NY Post]

The Round-Up: Thursday