Vibe Rater: Star Lounge, 222 West 23rd Street


Karaoke night on Tuesday at the Star Lounge in the basement of the Chelsea Hotel brought out a mix of leggy model types fluttering around stringy young men dressed invariably like the characters from HBO’s Entourage.

Oh well.

Charles Ferri’s place had been hyped as much more—he’s dating Heather Graham, for god’s sake!—but, really, it’s just your garden-variety Manhattan night-club: a tad tough to enter, minimalist in its décor, too pricey to truly enjoy ($16 cocktails and $8 beers), and you’ll probably go home alone if you entered that way.

And, yes, you will run into Zach Braff.

Fleshy sofas and soft candles adorned the dark lounge around midnight, just as the karaoke got under way. Highlight? Mr. Braff knew every word to Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know,” and Josh Harnett, clutching a pack of Camels (paging the Health Department—people smoking indoors!) belted out a raspy version of the Rolling Stones’ “Play With Fire.”


Vibe Rater: Star Lounge, 222 West 23rd Street