Who Is Kevin Spacey? Cryptic Old Vic Bigwig Hics Up Summer Plans

Kevin Spacey, the Academy Award–win ning actor who is now creative director of the Old Vic theater in London, is in town to perform in Eugene O’Neill’s Moon for the Misbegotten on Broadway. And on Monday, May 22—from the sublime to the ridiculous!—he was at Buddha Bar, celebrating his appearance on the June cover of Gotham magazine.

“I really do like living there,” Mr. Spacey, 47, told The Transom of his foggy new home, leaning casually on a nearby pole. “It’s become the cultural capital of Europe. It’s a very youthful city; you can make a lot of comparisons to New York.”

But surely there are some cultural differences between the two cities?

Mr. Spacey, who was wearing a dark suit and maroon tie, said that the American audiences for Moon “get the irony and humor much faster,” because of the play’s “Americanisms.” “I try not to be fooled by the fact that we speak the same language,” he said, and added that he and Sam Mendes, a British director living in New York (also Kate Winslet’s hubby!), are planning to collaborate on a trans-Atlantic Shakespearean project of some sort. “We’re going to have a 50-50 split between American actors and British actors.”

Does he ever get time off? “I haven’t had a break in about, I don’t know, five years,” Mr. Spacey said. “I’m planning in July to stop everything and do a little traveling and just rest. Could be Europe, could be South America—I’ve never been there, you know! I’m just beginning to put my paws on the globe and think, ‘Where do I want to go?’”



Who Is Kevin Spacey? Cryptic Old Vic Bigwig Hics Up Summer Plans