Wilson says he will sue Corzine over Katz emails

Republican State Chairman Tom Wilson continues to attack Governor Jon Corzine over his prior romance with CWA Local 1034 President Carla Katz, saying that he was going to file suit next week if Corzine does not turn over private emails between Katz and himself.

Wilson said it was likely that Corzine paid Katz hush money, and if true, that Corzine should resign.

Wilson cited today’s New York Times story about Corzine and Katz’s relationship that described an unusual financial settlement reached when the couple, who were never married, parted ways. According to the story, Katz threatened to stage a news conference meant to embarrass Corzine in August 2004, just after Governor McGreevey announced that he planned to resign. By that November, the couple had hammered out a separation agreement that is said to have included a payment of $6 million to Katz, forgiven a $470,000 loan, set up a college fund for her two children and purchased a Volvo SUV for her worth $30,000.

”The timeline established by the New York Times leaves little room to conclude anything other than that candidate Corzine paid Ms. Katz $6 million to keep her silent” said Wilson. “If that's true, Governor Corzine would have no choice but to resign immediately. If it's not true, then the Governor should be outraged enough to finally provide the details necessary to restore public faith in him.”

The article itself said that “It remains unclear what, if anything, Ms. Katz provided in exchange” for Corzine’s payments.

Two weeks ago, Wilson threatened to sue if Corzine did not to turn over all of his personal email account correspondences with Katz, implying their relationship influenced the state’s contract negotiations with the union. Corzine has steadfastly refused, calling the exchanges private.

Democrats responded to Wilson by pointing to a state ethics that absolved Corzine of violating the Governor’s code of conduct because all payments were made before he took office.

“There is no such thing as a 'private' relationship between the Governor and the head of the largest public employee union in the state,” said Wilson in today’s statement.

Wilson says he will sue Corzine over Katz emails