A Rap Legend Digs Hillary—Also, Obama

Mr. McDaniels said he had stuck around for the beginning of Mr. Clinton’s introduction for his wife, long enough to hear the former President say “something about all the candidates has to be the best man, but, in the room, this time around, the best man in the room happens to be a lady.

“Everybody said ‘Aahh.’ So, I was like, ‘You go girl!’ Next time, I’m going to vote for you.”

And did Mr. McDaniels have anything to say about Mrs. Clinton’s ongoing, highly public search for a campaign theme song?

“For Hillary Clinton,” he said, thinking aloud. “What’s a good campaign song?”

Raising Hell?


Walk This Way?


Dude (Looks Like a Lady)?

“No. I got something. No. ‘King of Rock.’”

That’s the suggestion?

“Yes, sir. The reason why is because She cracks through walls, come through floors, cuts through ceilings and knocks down doors. It’s time for change.”

A Rap Legend Digs Hillary—Also, Obama