Allen attacks Conaway and Conners over monetization

The Republican assault on Democrats over monetization continues, in what is becoming a frequent campaign theme.

Today, Seventh District Republican state Senator Diane Allen issued a press release attacking her district’s two Democratic Assemblyman, Herb Conaway and Jack Conners, for refusing to vote for an amendment to the state budget that would have stricken monetization language.

Conaway and Conners are being challenged by Nancy Whatley-Griffin, a lawyer from Willingboro, and former Philadelphia Flyers player Brian Propp

”Even when they were presented with an amendment that would remove the language preparing for the toll road to be offered up for sale, they turned their backs on their constituents,” said Allen.

The two Democrats declared their opposition to monetization yesterday, however, at a news conference with Allen’s Democratic Senate opponent, Rich Dennison.

But for Allen, their opposition was too little, too late.

“Now, as the public uproar builds, they are back peddling and want to declare their opposition to the ill advised scheme. They had the chance and blew it,” said Allen.

Michael Clarke, the campaign manager for Connors and Conaway, said that the two Democrats have come out in opposition to the sale of the state’s toll roads.

“Herb Conaway and Jack Conners are opposed to the sale or lease of state toll roads. Senator Allen had her chance to debate this issue, but she remained silent on it,” said Clarke.

Clarke added a recurring Democratic campaign theme: tying local Republicans to President Bush.

"(Allen) walks around the district pretending to be a Democrat, where outside the district she’s a George Bush Republican,” said Clarke.


  Allen attacks Conaway and Conners over monetization