Assembly Democrats Rail Against Congestion Pricing

If last night’s Assembly Democratic conference was any indicator of what to expect on congestion pricing — don’t expect much.

At a close-door meeting in the capitol that lasted well beyond 10:30 p.m., they railed against the mayor’s plan, a source told me.

Starting off the meeting was Speaker Sheldon Silver, who read aloud every detail of the mayor’s plan. A source said it was “obvious” by his tone and demeanor that Silver was not keen on the idea and that members
realized they could speak out against the plan full-throttle. And more than thirty members did.

Even the few who said they supported the plan said they had questions about how it would be implemented, according to the source.

One idea floated in the conference, although there’s no way of telling how seriously the proposal was taken, was to pro-rate the charge for motorists entering
Manhattan below 86th Street based on their income.

The meeting was attended by about 40 members, the source told me. Assembly Democrats Rail Against Congestion Pricing