Azi’s Thoughts from Lobsterland

Yesterday, Azi departed this fair city for a few of rest. "Rest," in Azi's case, is a relative term. During his daylong bus ride to Maine, he sent me roughly 237 emails from his Blackberry. This morning, he was back at it, apparently tracking down a wireless connection in order to listen to New York schools Chancellor Joel Klein's interview on the Brian Lehrer show. He sent along the following observations:

During the interview, Klein was asked about the major restructuring that public schools will undergo next school year. Namely, the 10 regional school districts Klein created when Bloomberg came into office will be replaced with another set of local school regions which'll provide principals with institutional support.

Klein denied it was a sign that his earlier reforms didn't work, and said, in fact, it was all part of the plan. He pointed to a speech he gave at NYU in which he called his first set of reforms "temporary."

He then said all the changes really are more akin to a parent giving kids more freedom as they get older.

Does anybody else remember the public school reform discussion being framed like this at the time?

Well, does anybody? Commenters? Azi’s Thoughts from Lobsterland