Baroni qualifies for Clean Elections program

Bill Baroni’s campaign announced today that his slate meets the requirements to participate in the Fair and Clean Elections pilot program.

Baroni, the Republican nominee for the 14th district State Senate seat, helped pen the Clean Elections legislation. As of today he has 658 $10 donations – 258 more than the 400 needed to participate in the program. His running mates, Tom Goodwin and Adam Bushman, each garnered 500 donations.

If each member of Baroni’s slate earns a total of 800 donations by September 30th, they’ll receive a state grant of over $530,000.

"I believe that the 'Clean Elections' program is the most important change for politics in New Jersey, it puts voters first and takes big money influence out,” said Baroni.

Last week, Baroni opponent and former Ratepayer Advocate Seema Singh became the first candidate to qualify for the pilot program. Fourteenth district Democratic Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein, who co-wrote the legislation with Baroni and is running on Singh’s ticket, also qualified after earning 541 donations. It is not yet known whether her running mate, assembly candidate Wayne D’Angelo, has the necessary number.

Baroni qualifies for Clean Elections program