Batali’s ‘Pigsty’ Falls Short On Filth Scale

Friday's New York Post takes an unsanitary swipe at Mario Batali's Spotted Pig, citing the eatery's failing health inspection score of 34 back in May -- perhaps in retaliation for Mr. Batali's earlier dig on the Post's "hapless" food writer Braden Keil? 

(The restaurant's score was actually 33, according to the Health Department's Web site, but who's counting? A score of 28 or higher is failing.)

How bad is it at Mr. Batali's purported "pigsty"? Bungalow 8 bad, Coney Island Buffet bad -- but still a far cry from KFC-Taco Bell bad, or worse.

As far as food-safety scofflaws go, Mr. Batali's Pig ranks rather low, in fact. 

Barbetta fared worse (58); Buddha Bar nearly three times as bad (93).

Harlem Chess Cafe is current record holder at a whopping 199 violation points.

Batali’s ‘Pigsty’ Falls Short On Filth Scale