Codey and Lance duel over dual office holding

In a prelude to a fight bearing down on the entire Upper House, Senate Minority Leader Leonard Lance and Senate President Richard Codey today locked horns and backed each other off over a dual office holding bill that just passed in the Assembly.

Codey defends the bill. Lance thinks it’s a joke.
The bill would ban dual office holding for any legislator who takes office after February of next year, and protects with a grandfather clause those currently holding dual offices. The senators will probably consider the bill next week.
"It’s breathtakingly hypocritical that we should be banning dual office holding except for ourselves," said Lance. ‘It’s no way to proceed."
Codey blasted back: "If they felt so strongly about it why didn’t they do something about it when they had the chance (with the majority) in the 90s? Why is it that the man they picked to replace Sen. (William ) Gormley (Sen. James "Sonny" McCullough) is a dual office holder?"
Adamantly in favor of the bill, Codey said if they pass it and the governor signs it, he foresees no dual office holding in another 8-10 years.
Giving a nod to the likelihood that his party won’t be able to muster the votes to defeat Codey in the Senate, Lance said he will personally call on Gov. Jon Corzine to veto the dual office holding bill as written.
Codey and Lance duel over dual office holding