Congestion Suggestion

To the Editor:

Re “Will Congestion Pricing Make 86th Street the New 96th?” [June 25]:

I support most of Mayor Bloomberg’s policies. Nevertheless I must say on behalf of all New Yorkers that the current push for congestion pricing is evidence of being out of touch with ordinary hard-working citizens (regardless of their political beliefs).

The main benefactors of congestion pricing will be billionaires who will have an easier time navigating their limousines through the streets of Manhattan while the rest of us are squeezed onto already overcrowded trains.

There are alternate solutions to the congestion in Manhattan which are more effective, efficient, fair and practical.

One such solution might be to turn all the streets in Manhattan into “high-occupancy vehicle” lanes. Basically, all cars would be required to have at least two occupants to drive in Manhattan, with an exception for commercial vehicles.

David Stein

Congestion Suggestion