Corn Nut

It’s frustrating when people who consider themselves experienced cooks say, “It couldn’t be easier!” Most of the time, of course, it could. Timing, confidence and instinct are as important as a sharp knife to cooking well, and you can’t get those from a book.

However, I have to agree with the real cooks when it comes to grilling one of our most basic foods: corn on the cob. It may seem obvious, but we forget just how simple it is to make corn taste great. I know—Café Habana, lime and chili powder and that crumbly cheese, best corn ever, etc., etc. But the line there is always two hours long.

First, find a grill. (Hello, Prospect Park!) Just shuck the corn, rub it with olive oil, and sprinkle it with salt and pepper. (If you sense a recurring theme in this space, it’s only because olive oil, salt and pepper—and garlic, if that’s how you roll—are like G, C, and D on a guitar: learn those three chords and people will think you can play anything.)

Grill the corn over very hot coals until it’s maybe two-thirds blackened. Then eat it. When corn hits its stride later this summer, it won’t need any dressing at all. Seriously, what could be easier? Corn Nut