Corzine drops aide who was in crash reports that Gov. Jon Corzine has reassigned aide Samantha Gordon:

What do you get the employee who survives a brutal high-speed accident with you? Well, New Jersey governor Jon Corzine may be retaining the same driver who was behind the wheel during his vicious crack-up back in April, as the AP says—but he won’t retain the traveling companions. We hear Samantha Gordon, the Huma to his Hillary, his mid-20s body woman who emerged largely unscathed from the crash, has been reassigned from her job. In the crash, Corzine was supposedly in the front seat, and not wearing a seatbelt, unlike his primary aide Ms. Gordon, who, though also not wearing a seat belt, was in the back seat alone. Ms. Gordon did not return a phone call this afternoon. Sounds like a rough deal to us.




Corzine drops aide who was in crash