Corzine presses for passage of paid family leave

Governor Jon Corzine wants the Legislature to pass a family leave bill before June 30th, he told a cheering crowd of AFL-CIO delegates at the Borgata Wednesday morning.

"I’d like to make a wager that we’ll get it done by the end of the year," said Corzine. "I’d like June 30th."

The bill would enable a worker to receive pay for up to ten weeks that he or she spends away from a job in order to care for a sick relative. The bill would be paid for by workers, through an increase of up to 92 cents per week in state payroll taxes.

Assemblyman Nelson Albano, who still works in the supermarket industry "every day of the week" and serves as a shop steward, later addressed the convention delegates.

"I’m proud to be the prime sponsor of the family leave bill in the Assembly," he said. "No one should have to make that choice between staying home with a loved one and paying bills. As long as I am your legislator, I will represent you with my heart and soul."

Corzine presses for passage of paid family leave