Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Shrum, Gianaris

Sheldon Silver said the legislature won’t vote on congestion pricing before the end of session.

Adolfo Carrion chats with Doug Muzzio.

Mike Gianaris’ beef with Google is going to receive an airing on CNN tonight.

Only 30 percent of Republicans believe in evolution, according to this Gallup poll.

The John Edwards campaign could determine if Democrats ever run on the poverty issue again, says Matt Bai.

Dan Janison notes Bob Shrum’s prediction that Mike Bloomberg might get into the race in order to spoil Rudy Giuliani’s chances.

The Wall Street Journal blog rewrites Terry McAuliffe’s fund-raising prediction.

Say hello to Rudy Giuliani’s bundlers.

Andrew Sullivan likes the idea of a Barack Obama-Colin Powell ticket.

Barack Obama is trailing in New Jersey, but his volunteers carry on.

Matt Dillon is the patron saint of an endangered church in Manhattan, St. Brigid.

The mayor of Yonkers opened his re-election campaign office.

Here’s a Bulgarian blog entry about, as far as I can tell, “Heavy Metal Bush.”

William Safire quotes Kanye West in order to explain the word “hottie.”

And here’s the mayor cutting a ribbon at the Puerto Rican Day parade with a former member of Menudo. Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Shrum, Gianaris