Elsewhere: Clinton, Bloomberg, Quinn

Al D’Amato explained why he’s backing Fred Thompson over Rudy Giuliani for president.

Thompson beefed up his press shop.

Rudy Giuliani will debate in Iowa in August.

The Spielberg endorsement goes to Hillary Clinton.

Bob Torricelli is listed as a chair for her upcoming big-dollar fund-raising event in New Jersey.

But she hasn’t forgotten how to deliver for New York.

Mike Bloomberg said he doesn’t “ever look in the mirror and think about would I ever be a good president.”

This LA Times/Bloomberg poll has good news for Democrats, but it shows Hillary trailing Giuliani, McCain and Romney.

In the comments section, Jerry Skurnik says I'm right and wrong about that congestion pricing poll.

NARAL is turning against its erstwhile friends in the state Senate.

Andrew Cuomo and Chuck Schumer are working together on student loans.

Some conservatives like Her Way, the biography of Hillary Clinton.

Ryan Karben is not running for office again.

A judge ruled in favor of Serph Maltese and against activist Bart Haggerty in a very, very, very long Republican feud in Queens.

Sewell Chan gets poetic with a runaway sheep.

And above is Christine Quinn demonstrating her ability to name all the member of the City Council at a budget press conference yesterday. Elsewhere: Clinton, Bloomberg, Quinn