Elsewhere: Clinton, Spitzer, Bloomberg

Hillary Clinton beats Rudy Giuliani in 11 out of 16 states in three-way races that include Michael Bloomberg as a candidate, according to this poll.

Eliot Spitzer and an Assemblywoman from Queens have targets on their foreheads in this political flier going around Albany.

Republicans are irked at Spitzer’s upstate economic czar.

Sewell Chan makes his debut as a full-time blogger and goes deep inside a city web site that needs some foreign language assistance.

Rafael Martinez Alequin films Bloomberg’s SUV.

Hillary Clinton raised money in upstate New York.

Ben thinks things have changed pretty dramatically since candidates spoke at the Take Back America conference last year.

A New Jersey lobbyist was arrested for a lewd act.

And above is Eliot Spitzer speaking to reporters in his office and laughing off the notion that he’s had any kind of rocky relationship with Assembly Democrats. In fact, he says, he kind of likes things the way they are. Elsewhere: Clinton, Spitzer, Bloomberg