Elsewhere: Obama, Bloomberg, Spitzer

A supreme court ruling on a case brought by New York City could cost the country millions, according to the AP.

Patrick Ottenhoff thinks Michael Bloomberg is the “new sweetheart” of the media.

Bloomberg is going to New Hampshire.

Barack Obama discusses opposition research.

Obama is also being criticized for distributing materials to reporters that contained a negative reference to India.

Rudy Giuliani sent a special ‘members only’ card to Liz.

Eliot Spitzer picked up a spokesman from Sheldon Silver’s office.

Andres Duques notes that a gay rights bill passed in Colombia.

Most voters want their district to be represented by a new person, according to this poll.

Brooklyn’s Community Board 6 met for the first time since it was cleared of Atlantic Yards critics.

The Daily News tries proving they love Brooklyn.

And pictured above is the most important part of the city budget, which was passed by the Council today. This part of the budget, known as Schedule C shows how much money various projects got and which members secured it. Elsewhere: Obama, Bloomberg, Spitzer